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About Craftsman

The Art of Leather

Premium Machines from all around the Globe, especially in Italy where shoemaking is an art form, have been set in the state-of-the-art facility of Craftsman. We've taken technical assistance from Italy, Germany, and China to produce only the best quality Leather products. Some of the finest and most experienced designers available from Bangladesh, Italy, and China have been engaged to design shoes that the very high international design standards and market demand.


The finest of Leather sourced from Bangladesh and all over the world makes it to our cutting table, eventually to be embellished by our brand-mark that is a promise of quality to you. Some of our affiliated tanneries are amongst the best in Asia. We are obsessed about quality, and we look at every minute detail in every step of shoe making to ensure that only the best touch your feet.


But at the end of the day, our true heroes are the "Crafts-People", the best artisans in the country whose educated hands craft, polish and finish every leather product to perfection.

Our Story

The importance of leather in global fashion is immense due to its timeless nature. Leather shoes always stay in style in one form or another and so do leather accessories. Bangladesh has always been a major contributor in the global leather industry and even today the nation is making great strides with high quality exports. Leather from Bangladesh has international reputation for high quality because of fine grain, uniform fiber structure and natural texture, which mostly comes from domestic farming. Apart from these, cost competitiveness of Bangladesh exports, that has three broad categories of items i.e., the crust/finished leather, leather goods and leather footwear, plays a major part in our continued success

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